Shippan Point in Stamford, CT Hidden Beaches

I wrote about Hiking Near Stamford back in April but since the beach season is here I wanted to offer some tips to visiting Stamford beaches. For tide information in and around Stamford you can click here.

There are nice public beaches in Stamford which require you to pay in order to park at the beach and also have lifeguards which can be helpful but also annoying. The Stamford ticket police cruises these beaches all the time.

However, Shippan Point in Stamford, CT offers 4 small beaches that people can go to without a permit and which do not have lifeguards on duty. There is ample parking around those beaches and it is usually not a problem with parking in the neighborhood streets – just look for the fire hydrants and NO PARKING SIGNS. Also, selectively, the Stamford Police Department enforces the 25 feet parking rule from a stop sign IN ALL DIRECTIONS. 

The four beaches are two on the West side at the end of Ralsey Rd (there is something like a fence but you can go around it) and Fairview Ave (there is a small dock you can swim to and jump off from), one at the end of Shippan Ave (easy views of LI Sound), and one on the East side at the other end of Fairview Ave (there are actually two beaches there). These 4 beaches are shown with blue marks on the map below.

You can go to Brennan’s Restaurant, which is on Iroquois Rd and is a nice relaxing place with good pub food, drinks, large TV screens and outside patio during the warm weather.

Also, you can park on Rippowam Rd or Iroquois Rd or the roads nearby without a permit and walk to West Beach (marked with a red mark on the map) which is a Stamford Public Beach. Make sure there are no “No Parking Signs” when you park and you are pass the No Parking Signs in the beginning of Shippan Ave right across from the soccer fields. Just be warned that there are lifeguards from 9am to 6pm and they would not allow you to swim past the buoys or play with inflatable toys in the water.

Happy sunbathing!

View Shippan Point in a larger map


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